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HYTORC Cuts Ribbon on New Joe Paul Center for Bolting Excellence

/ HYTORC PR / New Jersey, US

HYTORC, the oldest and most recognized manufacturer of industrial bolting systems in the world, officially opened The Joe Paul Center for Bolting Excellence with a ribbon cutting that included the Paul Family, company leadership, and Mahwah Mayor James Wysocki. The training center - located at the company’s international headquarters in Mahwah, N.J. - will fulfill the vision of HYTORC Founder John K. Junkers to present real-world bolting applications in a learning environment.

The creation of the 6,000-square-foot center was part of a full renovation of the headquarters. The rooms had been part of the company’s warehouse, which is now located in South Hackensack. The facility includes a bolting training room, repair training room, calibration training room, and classroom for use by clients, HYTORC’s bolting specialists and service technicians, and corporate staff.

  • Bolting training room - Promotes safe bolting principals through hands-on tool and bolting training with basic bolting fixtures, flange assembly, and advanced bolting applications.
  • Repair training room - HYTORC’s hundreds of service technicians all across the world will receive training on trouble-shooting equipment service needs and equipment updates.
  • Calibration training room - An area where HYTORC’s service technicians will receive calibration and re- calibration training on the company’s high-precision calibrated torque equipment.
  • Classroom - A learning center for lecture, presentations and discussion of bolting topics. The space is flexible, dividable, and comfortable for corporate and other types of training. The space includes high quality audio and visual equipment, such as a 150-inch diagonal video screen.

“This center was the vision of my father, John Junkers, to create an environment where people could learn safe bolting principles and practices and get exposed to real world industrial bolting applications,” President Eric P. Junkers said. “At HYTORC we are continuously looking to reach the next level and this training center will help us do just that. This center will ensure that our team across the world will have hands-on training accessible to them in real world applications.”

The center is named for Joe Paul, who was a proud employee of HYTORC and was a trusted family friend for more than 35 years. He oversaw many of HYTORC’s technical advances in its company history and spearheaded safe bolting practices for the industry and HYTORC’s clients.

Paul had started with the company as a driver when he was 18, was integral to every facet of the company, held many titles throughout the years - such as repair technician, warehouse associate, warehouse manager, purchasing manager, customer service representative, and sales manager - and was the company’s technical manager at the time of his unfortunate and untimely passing in 2019. He was known for his hard work, commitment, passion, and loyalty.

“This facility was named after our technical director, Joe Paul, who was a leader in bolting excellence and standardization practices in the industry. He was a dear friend of my father, myself, and the entire Junkers family,” Chief Operating Officer Jason Junkers said. “Joe is missed every day at HYTORC, and it is so fitting that this training facility is named for him. Joe was an advocate for safe bolting practices and training and an inspiration to us all.”

The training facility will be state-of-the-art with the opportunity to practice hands-on bolting with HYTORC’s electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic tools; its fasteners; and its analogue and vector pumps, in addition to other equipment. Visitors will try assembly in HYTORC’s various industrial applications.

“The company’s vision is to train everyone, all employees, technicians, sales representatives and other support personnel,” said Director of Product Management and Training Randy Reagan. Clients will be welcomed to HYTORC as well. “We are excited to get this going as we are giving people something they will utilize every day in their jobs, whether they are working in the field, selling HYTORC equipment, or servicing our products.”

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